Schools & Nurseries

Brush your hair, straighten your tie and smile nicely for the camera! As parents we all buy the pictures even though they very rarely represent our child. With a more relaxed, playful approach against colourful backgrounds the aim is to get an image that makes you smile too.

I take the time to chat with each child. This calms down the over excited ones, coax out the bashful ones and then their happy little faces do the rest. If you run a childrens group and would like to offer the parents an opportunity to have their children photographed, please give me a call to discuss your specific requirements on 077021 30883

...putting children first! A TMGCRB enhanced disclosure check has been carried out.

There are also photo sessions where the whole family can be involved.
This could be to fund raise with your PTA at an open day or special event. Ready made information packs are available to support your event to ensure it runs simply and smoothly.

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